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Blamirog's Prophetic Landfall

Blamirog was wondering about the Blessed Isle [The Agent Apsley]

Where he proposed to set his comic sequel to 'The Trial' [Roland]

He needed a location that was full of strange delights [P]

And, without being flat at all, was quite devoid of heights [The Agent Apsley]

He needed a location that was not entirely nice [P]

And not entirely blessed; so the Isle was faulty twice. [Roland]

He needed an isle for 'The Trial' and needed it now! [nomi]

So what about Tristan da Cunha? He sailed from Bilbao [Roland]

With Odradek the crocodile and Josephine the mouse [P]

As well as the New Commandant and Gregor S, the louse [Roland]

In search of islands quite unknown but suited to the plot [P]

Of Nehemiah Architrave, the Rancid Ocelot [The Agent Apsley]

They sailed through storms and raging calm in search of filmic grail [TG]

And drifted to a region that was far beyond the pale [Roland]

"Land Ho!"The lookout cried, "Yes!" cried Blamirog [nomi]

Spewing out cold toothpaste like a dog [The Agent Apsley]

Rabid Captain!!... thought the crew [nomi]

He's foaming at the mouth! [Stacy ]

Yet they, poor fools, mistakenly did smite then off his leg [The Agent Apsley]

(Which served him well in later life, when called upon to beg) [TG]

Pegleg's isle for 'The trial'loomed out of the fog [nomi]

And promptly did eviscerate the lesser-spotted frog [The Agent Apsley]

It sat upon his shoulder, and proclaimed "A piece of nine!" [TG]

Which all found most confusing as it sank with hook and line [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, Roland, P, nomi, TG, Stacy.
Poem finished: 8th March 1999.