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Sugared Death Watching

A simple thought occured today, entirely on its' own [best boy]

(But if you misuse 'postrophes the purists all will moan!) [The Agent Apsley]

That though my head is soft inside, the outside is of bone. [P]

Though bone can be unravelled, I don't propose to try [Roland]

'cause Agent Apsley lost his spot as apple of my eye [best boy]

But my brain would almost certainly be tasty in a pie [P]

And thus it is from pedestals that Agents swiftly topple [The Agent Apsley]

Old Spoon (the Bill) will catch them out as sure as any cop'll [TG]

And furnish his injunction with a dose of fullish stoppal ... [Loaf]

And thus the moral of this tale must stare us in the face [The Agent Apsley]

A fancy grouse is quite the louse when seeking God's true grace. [Stacy]

And margarine is butter that does not taste of lace [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: best boy, The Agent Apsley, P, Roland, TG, Loaf, Stacy.
Poem finished: 6th March 1999.