The Spoonbill Generator

Colditz Rhythm

Hellespont and Hecuba were walking down the street [The Agent Apsley]

The bears were watching carefully just where they put their feet [TG]

And all the fish were thinking of a rhyme that was superb [The Agent Apsley]

As Hecuba and Hellespont danced nimbly on the kerb [TG]

Avoiding all the walruses was really quite a feat [The Agent Apsley]

Hecuba and Hellespont tried to be discreet [best boy]

And yet conversely sporting in their footwear and attire [The Agent Apsley]

The friction made between their legs did nearly start a fire [monalisa]

To Hellespont said Hecuba 'I really like a drink!' [The Agent Apsley]

And twirling past the elephants she blushed a pretty pink. [Elizabeth]

Then Hecuba to Hellespont did do a puzzling thing [The Agent Apsley]

Which caused the choir of corybants to quite forget to sing [TG]

But if you think I'll mention an action most obscure [The Agent Apsley]

You really must excuse me, for my heart and mind are pure [TG]

As Hellespont and Hecuba no doubt appreciate [Elizabeth]

That elephants are creatures that like to procreate [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, TG, best boy, monalisa, Elizabeth.
Poem finished: 1st March 1999.