The Spoonbill Generator

How Death Became Moonshine

My tribal ways [P]

Defy logic, reason, syntax and the largest grapefruit known to my aunt [The Agent Apsley]

How could it be otherwise? [TG]

My introspection [The Agent Apsley]

Fails me [nomi]

Again and again, not unlike a piece of stout corrugated lime-juice resin [The Agent Apsley]

My first impression [best boy]

Was of an enormous horse, twice the size of the Eiffel Tower [P]

Another illusion? [nomi]

My secret crimes [P]

Are secret no more now that I have published them to the hoary press [The Agent Apsley]

Cheap, Dirty Dozen [best boy]

My cat of bronze [The Agent Apsley]

Sits frozen in time and space [nomi]

And purrs [The Agent Apsley]

My teeth chchchatter [nomi]

And my nostrils, ears, eyeballs and a towering pizza studded with amphetamines [Elizabeth]

Shatter like ice, forever... [The Agent Apsley]

My brain spins like a top [nomi]

Then, turning once too often, sinks through the ice of time [TG]

Onto a rat's tail [The Agent Apsley]

Mighty taunting whore [best boy]

Sits astride the world's phallus and laughs uproariously [TG]

Just a tease? [Elizabeth]

Contributors: P, The Agent Apsley, TG, nomi, best boy, Elizabeth.
Poem finished: 28th February 1999.