The Spoonbill Generator

Never Knowingly Charmed

Unskilled workers toil wordlessly [best boy]

To echo the charmless Fathom [The Agent Apsley]

They grunt while smashing the atom [nomi]

They drink while cursing their god [Stacy]

Unsung heroes brought Fathom to life [TG]

Fat bosses mean nothing but strife [nomi]

And heroes are wights with mud on their fife [The Agent Apsley]

Put them all to the Knife! [TG]

Undead teens roam deserted streets [best boy]

Slim pickins for little cheats [nomi]

Or any sacred to the Word [The Agent Apsley]

Oh! This is quite absurd! [TG]

Artless hoats added pen to paper [The Agent Apsley]

Scratching out curses and verses [nomi]

And naming the Rat in their trite caper [The Agent Apsley]

Cruising the streets in their hearses [TG]

Contributors: best boy, The Agent Apsley, nomi, Stacy, TG.
Poem finished: 22nd February 1999.