The Spoonbill Generator

Crystal All Along

Dying in Luxor with the Spoonbill chill [nomi]

Cruising the stars, counting the bars [TG]

Lookin' for a thrill [Stacy]

Young cars [nomi]

Reigning in Pisa with the Leriml Smile, [The Agent Apsley]

Tappin' my feet, counting the beat [Stacy]

Lookin' for the candy man [nomi]

Cool warmth.... iced heat [TG]

shimmying up a drainpipe, getting all wet [best boy]

From the armpit to the very seat of Mars, [The Agent Apsley]

Taking what you get [TG]

For kicks... in jars... [The Agent Apsley]

Sallying through the slough with the impish fetish [Elizabeth Godley]

Yelling and screaming..."I don't get it!" [nomi]

That ain't life at all [The Agent Apsley]

Not for the short or very tall [nomi]

Wandering through the willows with the wiley coyote [Elizabeth]

Swigging my beer and eating peyote, [Stacy]

Hoping for the Ibstokon [The Agent Apsley]

Softly spoken [TG]

Contributors: nomi, TG, Stacy, The Agent Apsley, best boy, Elizabeth Godley, Elizabeth.
Poem finished: 21st February 1999.