The Spoonbill Generator

Naked Globe

Rosemary...comfrey... cammomile tea, [Stacy]

And anything else that begins with a 'B'; [The Agent Apsley]

A hatter, a batter the circumference squared, [Stacy]

And all those whose motto is "Be unprepared" [TG]

Let them be mixed in a vat that is vast [The Agent Apsley]

Add Silver and Gold before they are cast [nomi]

Into the stoutest vessel of brass [The Agent Apsley]

Heated and burned...turned to glass [nomi]

And thence to iron, fierce and clear [The Agent Apsley]

Then hammered into fighting gear [nomi]

And thence to pewter, sleek and smooth [The Agent Apsley]

Tools of the trade will make a man move. [Stacy]

Contributors: Stacy, The Agent Apsley, TG, nomi.
Poem finished: 20th February 1999.