The Spoonbill Generator

Forever Strontium

Plug me in a catheter if there are any left [The Agent Apsley]

Feeling woozy now please wipe my brow [nomi]

And strike me with a blow so sweetly vicious and deft [The Agent Apsley]

That the saccharine pain disconnects my brain [TG]

Bring the metal bedpan if there are any left [Stacy]

I'm fading yet and dream of a cow [The Agent Apsley]

Crushed by Big Nurse and all her heft [nomi]

It takes all my might and main to remain sane [TG]

I could use a pension, if there are any left [best boy]

The way it's going, I'l need a cane [Anon.]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, nomi, TG, Stacy, best boy, Anon..
Poem finished: 15th February 1999.