The Spoonbill Generator

Quantum Snork Sput Snooting

Well bless my soul and clean my boots! I've started a new stanza [The Agent Apsley]

The guys in California will have to romanzya [nomi]

Maybe you feel all alone like no one understands ya. [best boy]

But yoghurt and the apricot sustain the modern Hunza. [Daddy]

The glory of the written word will bring new understanding [Rebecca Sharp]

To Ivan standing on the lawn and Boris on the landing [The Agent Apsley]

Wow This can be demanding! [nomi]

But not for those whose mortal ken is ever quite outstanding [The Agent Apsley]

Go find the prophet Beverly, and pose the silver question, [best boy]

Of hake and haddock, pigs and prigs, which aids a man's digestion; [The Agent Apsley]

Remember, though, to disregard her seventeenth suggestion [TG]

Then strap her to the Buick and become her new obsession. [best boy & slim jig]

The ostrich and the arthropod decided to be bold [The Agent Apsley]

They quit there jobs and went for the Gold [nomi]

Was quite the wrong decision, or so I'm told, [Stacy]

This whole affair of changing pace has really taken hold. [best boy]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, nomi, best boy, Daddy, Rebecca Sharp, TG, best boy & slim jig, Stacy.
Poem finished: 8th February 1999.