The Spoonbill Generator

The Helicopter's Plenitude

Triceratops, my maiden aunt [P]

Has glued her eyelids all a-slant [Roland]

Giant lizard on a rant [nomi]

Attempts a couplet but he can't [Rip]

understand the tribal chant [Best boy]

Or reckon with a hungry plant [The Agent Apsley]

Venus-Flytrap's recant [nomi]

Seraphim , the angel pimp [Stacy]

When making pizza, does not skimp [best boy]

And pasta stuck between his teeth [Daddy]

I lost my laurel. Where's my wreath? [Spanky]

In the chimney of the stars [The Agent Apsley]

Stained glass windows gilted bars, [Stacy]

Of which the sultans told the czars [The Agent Apsley]

Gadgets dispute grains of rice [best boy]

But that's a game that is not nice [The Agent Apsley]

Haven't I just told you twice? [TG]

Eat a pint of ice cream daily [best boy]

If you will perform quite gaily [The Agent Apsley]

I will take you to a priest, [Stacy]

And he will exorcise the beast [best boy]

Contributors: P, Roland, nomi, Rip, Best boy, The Agent Apsley, Stacy, best boy, Daddy, Spanky, TG.
Poem finished: 8th February 1999.