The Spoonbill Generator

My Earliest Barnacle-Busting Memory

Count to ten, then start again [TG]

Or nine, and redefine [Roland]

Six as eight and twelve as nought [The Agent Apsley]

Such truths are cheaply bought! [Roland]

Take a compass and a spoon [The Agent Apsley]

Then turn to face the stern [TG]

And looking at the poop the while [The Agent Apsley]

Exert and feel the burn [best boy]

Tense, relax, and then repeat [TG]

Those who complete will be given a treat [best boy]

But them that stand upon their feet [The Agent Apsley]

Must not accept the tempting sweet! [Stacy]

Breathe in and hold the world at bay [P]

While bloody figures fade to gray [Rip]

Holding your faith in the new day [Spawn of Rippy]

Until the dawn of Saturday [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: TG, Roland, The Agent Apsley, best boy, Stacy, P, Rip, Spawn of Rippy.
Poem finished: 4th February 1999.