The Spoonbill Generator

Endless Power, Our Sole Accomplishment

Inflamed with paranoia [Roland]

I slowly burn behind the shed [P]

The pages of Tom Sawyer [Roland]

To prove to my lawyer [P]

That no one but Goya [TG]

Had painted the picture of dear Uncle Ted [P]

That hangs bone that shows two cows in bed [TG]

In bed? [Bop]

Enfeebled by anaemia [Roland]

I sink beneath the thrashing waves [P]

& all the world looks dreamier [Roland]

The air seems ever steamier [Bop]

An aquatic bohemia [P]

A herring's Valhalla, where no-one behaves [Roland]

And plankton lie still in their watery graves [P]

Their graves? [Roland]

Emboldened by hysteria [P]

I lightly soar among the clouds [Roland]

and no longer feel inferior [P]

To wallflower or wisteria [TG]

My mental interior [P]

Billowing gently with shimmering shrouds [L+R]

That cover the corpses of diligent crowds [P]

Of crowds? [Roland]

Imprisoned by euphoria [P]

And blissful, in my mind-forged cell [Roland]

Beneath the crematoria [P]

Of long-dead dinosauria [Bop]

I dream about Gloria [Roland]

And wonder, as always, just how she could tell [TG]

That i was approaching, by sensing my smell [Roland]

My smell? [P]

Now, in the cafeteria [Roland]

I sip a listless cup of tea [P]

Of flavour quite inferior [Roland]

That makes my soul grow wearier [P]

As weather waxes drearier [TG]

And muse on that era of glamour and glee [Roland]

When herring and plankton would sit and sip tea [TG]

With me. [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, P, TG, Bop, L+R.
Poem finished: 2nd February 1999.