The Spoonbill Generator

Ferdinand's Elm

A grey seal, with grace of an eel [Roland]

A white gull, not big but small [Beth]

A green giraffe so very tall [nomi]

someone's confused, we're in a mall [best boy]

Do Selfridges sell fridges? [TG]

Does Marmaduke build bridges? [The Agent Apsley]

Do malls have ridges? [nomi]

Do peregrines feel? [The Agent Apsley]

Why knot? Why not? [TG]

Why do it in the road? [nomi]

Build budges, brittle spot [Rebecca Sharp]

That glistens on the toad... [The Agent Apsley]

Peaceful, podlike [TG]

swimming with the dolphin [best boy]

Into the waves of infinite bliss [The Agent Apsley]

Lost in a lover's dreamlike kiss. [Stacy]

Contributors: Roland, Beth, nomi, best boy, TG, The Agent Apsley, Rebecca Sharp, Stacy.
Poem finished: 2nd February 1999.