The Spoonbill Generator

Her Daymare

On the far side of the beach: abyss [Rippy]

Sheperds strive to shild their flock from this [The poet]

black gaping maw, desperation's portal [dano]

Zephyrs aching to be mortal [Rippinski]

Whilst atop the distant peach-tree [The Agent Apsley]

The blue jays chat. [Beth]

My pockets fill with scat [Rip]

In the salmon sky birds eye me [Dove]

Raven's two-stroke fouls the air [Ripe]

Silently chafing hindmost limb [Roland]

Whilst Crow surveys the ruinous lair [The Agent Apsley]

& croaks some loathsome quasi-hymn [Roland]

Wodwo haunts my dying car [P]

while finial figures corrupt heavenly bodies [Spawn of Rippy]

And birthday lettuce, in a jar [Roland]

For fourteen days turned polka dotties [Herman Ripnudicks]

Sawdust in the ghost-machine [The Agent Apsley]

Grinding spooks [nomi]

Wounding kooks, [Stacy]

All their faces turning green [Best Boy]

All their faces unseen [P]

Unlike the whizzing of the oaks [The Agent Apsley]

And godless hissing of the tokes [Rippy the pinhead]

The poet jumps in to his death [yowwy!!]

And tramples on his verse [The Agent Apsley]

he shouts the shameless shiboleth [P]

out the window of his hearse [spawn of Rippy]

And breathes his final breath [P]

Contributors: Rippy, The poet, dano, Rippinski, The Agent Apsley, Beth, Rip, Dove, Ripe, Roland, P, Spawn of Rippy, Herman Ripnudicks, nomi, Stacy, Best Boy, Rippy the pinhead, yowwy!!, spawn of Rippy.
Poem finished: 31st January 1999.