The Spoonbill Generator

Earth Telegram

A shrew without wings [JaneC]

A chopstick that sings [P]

A parsnip as proud as a prayer [Roland]

A daughter I bought at a fair [P]

A daughter with golden hair [nomi]

A dog with no mouth [P]

A hog who went South [nomi]

A toast-rack as large as the moon [P]

A wafer I snapped and gulped down [The Agent Apsley]

A quarry not far from the town [Roland]

A frog in the bog [nomi]

A skull full of grog [P]

The gypsies in France are insane [toodle]

A cretin without a brain [nomi]

A Caboose swinging on a Train [Old China]

A new type of time [P]

A beaker of slime [Roland]

An invoice for sobbing out loud [P]

A tattoo...I'm not proud [nomi]

A freedom no one's allowed [P]

The cows go mooo... [Shen]

The stars all turn blue [P]

The penguins are brittle and hoarse [The Agent Apsley]

The Queen got a divorce [nomi]

While juggling with Mint Sauce [Roland]

Collapse in a heap [P]

And swallow my Jeep [Roland]

The priest is too late for the fair, [Stacy]

The dish ran away with the chair [P]

And now everyone's losing their hair [RipZip]

A fairy that sings [Shen]

of the fifth golden thing [the shrew]

And recants with the best of the bunch [The Agent Apsley]

He said, "It's just a hunch" [nomi]

As he thoughtlessly ate me for lunch [P]

Contributors: JaneC, P, Roland, nomi, The Agent Apsley, toodle, Old China, Shen, Stacy, RipZip, the shrew.
Poem finished: 30th January 1999.