The Spoonbill Generator

Continental Head

Time and again I'm obliged to remark [Roland]

...about a life so stark [nomi]

I cannot be bothered to live in the dark [Peter WRC]

Or inhabit the park [The Agent Apsley]

Over and over I'm bound to insist [Roland]

Do not resist! [nomi]

I might just be tempted to shatter your wrist [P]

Oh! I'd be pissed [nomi]

It seems that I'm always out shooting the breeze [Spawn of Rippy]

Spreading unease [Roland]

I seems that I can't be persuaded to sneeze [P]

Lets hope it's not a disease [nomi]

In the best of times we inhabit our dreams [Rippy]

or so it seems [dano]

To those that builded or ravished old Rheims [The Agent Apsley]

Or so it seems [nomi]

Contributors: Roland, nomi, Peter WRC, The Agent Apsley, P, Spawn of Rippy, Rippy, dano.
Poem finished: 28th January 1999.