The Spoonbill Generator

Walk, don't sniffle and you won't get it

When I was walking this I saw: [Shen]

A vicious midget Matador [Roland]

Prancing like a marionette [The Agent Apsley]

Flapping his jaw [nomi]

And a angry bull standing stock still, [Shen]

With a angry glare in his eyes [Beth]

Snorting steam [Shen]

From his black dirty nose [Beth]

Then the bull started to run! [Shen]

So I went for my gun [Ripplestilskin]

Scattering shot [P]

Like a true Polyglot [Roland]

Contributors: Shen, Roland, The Agent Apsley, nomi, Beth, Ripplestilskin, P.
Poem finished: 26th January 1999.