The Spoonbill Generator

Sensible Noses

A small crimson telephone quivers [Roland]

Upon my nascent ionosphere [The Agent Apsley]

bouncing sound waves off a shiny planet [dagwood]

forever spilling, a rain of consciousness [Gunther Flaps]

and pizza digests slowly... [cracking noise]

Corporate types in power ties [Rippy]

Fall slowly through the clouds [P]

Descending upon Thanet [Bop]

To wash away the smell of bleach [P]

And chlorine fumes spawned freshly [The Agent Apsley]

By knowledge [P]

The grey earth feeds her rivers [TG]

Titbits of exquisite spice [P]

Your eyes are tinged with telltale blue [Rippy]

But you don't look especially nice [Roland]

Thus even little girls must know [Bop]

That radon makes your fingers glow [The Agent Apsley]

And beauty deep is not a show [Fea]

Nor tread we there when bade to go [Rippy]

The birds fly like they are loaded with lead, [Shen]

Kindred spirits overhead [Dove]

10,000 chattel overfed [Rippy]

They might as well return undead [TG]

But if, at last, the toast gets burnt [Anon.]

and your liver smokes, [Beth]

Wordless yearnings stir the soul [Rippy]

and romance once young grows stale [The Poet]

as fossil'd pterodactyl feet [dano]

Do a dance that's really neat [Rip]

Contributors: Roland, The Agent Apsley, dagwood, Gunther Flaps, cracking noise, Rippy, P, Bop, TG, Fea, Shen, Dove, Anon., Beth, The Poet, dano, Rip.
Poem finished: 25th January 1999.