The Spoonbill Generator

Very East Nineveh

By dint of subtle mime [Roland]

And wild gesticulation [P]

We waste each other's time [Roland]

While waiting at the station [Bop]

First I flap my hands [Roland]

Then I swell my glands [P]

And if that weren't quite enough [The Agent Apsley]

The Stationmaster's in the buff [Rippy]

So when a train appears [P]

It's sure to end in tears [Roland]

Though it may go on for years [Shen]

Placating no-one's fears [Loaf]

Once the tracks were silent [Dove]

And Giants stalked the lands [Rippy]

Their overthrow, though violent [TG]

, Made poppies out of sands [The Agent Apsley]

First they waved their heads [Roland]

Before they threw themselfs to their deaths, [Shen]

On the tracks [Shen]

Now 'tis brains they lacks... [The poet]

like mindless clacking hooves of swayback'd hacks [dano]

And hacks is what we be, in spades [Ripski]

And the med car comes to others aids. [Anon.]

Contributors: Roland, P, Bop, The Agent Apsley, Rippy, Shen, Loaf, Dove, TG, The poet, dano, Ripski, Anon..
Poem finished: 25th January 1999.