The Spoonbill Generator

These Fiscal Cousins

Quarters [P]

Some say farthings [Roland]

But what do they know of love? [TG]

And why do they rust? [P]

Tanners [Roland]

Coins of leather [P]

But why do they run and hide? [Roland]

And who do they trust? [P]

Florins [TG]

So soon fading [Roland]

Head, tail, root and leaf [Bop]

For whom do they lust? [Roland]

guineas [P]

Coasting to fortune [Roland]

Who do they truly serve? [P]

For whom turn to dust? [Roland]

Ah, did we but know all this, then we [Bop]

To live a life of piracy [P]

Might turn our tillers, till the sea [Roland]

Reward us with a monstrous fee [P]

And gild our lives with ghoulish glee. [Roland]

Coinage [P]

Chinking in purses [TG]

Nothing but shrapnel shards [Roland]

Without it I'm bust [P]

Contributors: P, Roland, TG, Bop.
Poem finished: 22nd January 1999.