The Spoonbill Generator

When We Were Proteins

In the warm air [P]

Buyer, beware! [wharfs]

Lurking there, [Stacy]

In despair... [The Agent Apsley]

(if you dare) [Stacy]

Is the island's largest bear. [P]

In the still night [TG]

Do not take fright! [P]

For we might [TG]

Discover flight [P]

(Lose our sight) [Roland]

In the forests o so bright. [The Agent Apsley]

By the dry lake [P]

Do not catch hake [The Agent Apsley]

For goodness sake! [P]

Just take a break [The Agent Apsley]

Observe the rake [TG]

Hidden in the birthday cake [P]

Up an old oak [The Agent Apsley]

Hear the frogs croak [TG]

As they choke [P]

And even revoke [The Agent Apsley]

All trial leads to smoke [Rippy]

Among the pious countryfolk [P]

Deep in our souls [Roland]

We find long poles [P]

Wedged in the holes [Roland]

Filled with hot coals [P] hurts! [nomi]

Contributors: P, Roland, Stacy, The Agent Apsley, TG, Rippy, nomi.
Poem finished: 20th January 1999.