The Spoonbill Generator

Is of Night

The smiles I get when I dance around the bar [Kent]

Smell [alex the horse womperini]

Like charmed songs [P]

Hummed [TG]

By broken unmbrellas [P]

I tried to furl them, neatly return them [Roland]

Unburned [The Agent Apsley]

To my only daughter [P]

A dropped leaf [Roland]

Curling [P]

On inscrutable axis [Roland]

While in the ocean's darkest [P]

Evenings [Roland]

The test begins [P]

First one leg, then, perhaps, a foot [Roland]

Extends [The Agent Apsley]

Creation's reach [P]

The words I utter make no sense [The Agent Apsley]

Muted [TG]

But full of wonder [Rippy]

Arching into the aether like a dream [The Agent Apsley]

Silent [TG]

The catacombs empty into eternity [Rippy]

Contributors: Kent, alex the horse womperini, P, TG, Roland, The Agent Apsley, Rippy.
Poem finished: 18th January 1999.