The Spoonbill Generator


Give me a goat and a piece of old rope and I walk right along to the fair [The Agent Apsley]

I'll certainly try with the best of my might to impress a sweet lady fair, [Stacy]

If I could, I'd dance with her through skies so clear and blue [Mr. Happy]

And hope that my future is not like my past while I tarry here [Sharron]

For my past is as murky as winter is long and I dare not reveal what I know [P]

But I hope that by tying a fish to my shoe I'll discover the best way to go [TG]

Without any need to seek help from a god or to pray more than six times a day [P]

To spirit her far from molten mealy worms that leech her love away [Mr. Kent]

so I shall retain it is a sort of nasal comment [Alex the horse Womperini]

even though it leave my mind in ferment [P]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, Stacy, Mr. Happy, Sharron, P, TG, Mr. Kent, Alex the horse Womperini.
Poem finished: 11th January 1999.