The Spoonbill Generator

Tales for the Dogmatical Nursemaid

The unicorn, though custom deems it myth, [TG]

Was formerly familiar as the ox [Roland]

Which only serves to show that fable's pith [TG]

Was truly no more cunning than a fox [Roland]

The ostrich now, though rumour deems it mad [TG]

Was heretofore as sapient as a fly [Roland]

Which demonsrates that when good blood turns bad [TG]

The hourglass turns sandblind, by and by. [Roland]

The minotaur, though legend deems it male [P]

Has suckled all my kin these eighty years [Roland]

Which surely proves a daily jug of ale [P]

Is not enough to Pasiphae our fears [Roland]

The deadly snipe, though science deems it mute [P]

And wholly deaf, recites in ringing tones [Roland]

To those sufficiently astute [P]

To reckon up its groans [Roland]

The ermine stoat, though history deems it wrong [P]

Is, patently enough, as right as rain [Roland]

Which goes to show that Kings Canute and Kong [P]

Could not turn back the water on the brain [Roland]

These animals, renowned in verse and prose [P]

May serve as fine examples of our art [TG]

And if they happen to be lies, it shows [P]

How one bad apple can upset the cart [Roland]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 11th January 1999.