The Spoonbill Generator

Clouds In Angelic Underclothing

Swing down sweet cherubs and lie with me [Gabriel]

on this gossamer resting place, [Stacy]

And make for me some afternoon tea [The Agent Apsley]

And clothe me in finest red lace [TG]

Before scurrying off to the pantry [The Agent Apsley]

To see what the housemaid has seen [TG]

Or be where the beekeeper strayed [The Agent Apsley]

To cut where the wound has gone green [TG]

And dig with a runcible spade [The Agent Apsley]

To find where the garbage has been [TG]

Descend, o priestess, and be with us [The Agent Apsley]

Drink tea from the finest Limoges [TG]

Your post-coital brow beaded with lust [Davy]

Humming softly,Louie Louie we gotta go [Barry]

Where Phantoms torch the fatted crow [Davy]

To smite unbelivers with pox [TG]

And fill your rye with lox [Davy]

A plague on both your socks! [TG]

It gives me writer's blocks. [Barry]

Swing down, sweet cherubs, my work is done [TG]

, An epic piece that doth charm the soul [The Agent Apsley]

'Tis time to seek the warming sun [TG]

And flee the wretched Pole [P]

While with the angels stroll [Stacy]

Contributors: Gabriel, Stacy, The Agent Apsley, TG, Davy, Barry, P.
Poem finished: 5th January 1999.