The Spoonbill Generator

Hell Fruit

If you think that I'm the reject, then I'll thrash you till you're blue [The Agent Apsley]

I'll twist your arms like pretzels and curse upon your shoes! [Stacy ]

I'll stuff you in a taxicab and call you by rude names [The Agent Apsley]

I'll slap your mum and kick your bum and drown you in the Thames! [Stacy]

I'll steal your new oesophagus and hurl it in the flames [P]

When you get to old Algiers, you can wait for me all day [The Agent Apsley]

I'll sit in Ahmed's parlour and breathe the poppy's haze [TG]

Till I'm full of influenza and my heat is all athrob [The Agent Apsley]

I'll eat my fill and pop a pill until my uncle's Bob [P]

And my auntie is an African with a busy job [The Agent Apsley]

Though they tell me I'm half crazy, still the other third is fine [TG]

And even if it isn't I just wrap it up in twine [The Agent Apsley]

I'll never let it see the light of incandescent day [TG]

Or the luminscent output of a heap of new-mown hay [The Agent Apsley]

I'll keep it in the cloisters till there's no time left to pray [TG]

When I find myself in Punjab, I really feel at home [The Agent Apsley]

Traversing the subcontinent with backpack and a comb [TG]

Fishin' deep inside of it, I find a Mandarin orange [Davy]

Evoking thoughts of times long past [Joan]

And ribald thoughts of dinners past [Davy]

In the Valley of Bamyan the eternal Budha sits [Davy]

While his jaundiced devotees induce their pantheistic fits [TG]

And your mutilated memories have lost their fleshly hue [Davy]

I visited it last back in November '62 [TG]

surveying the valley from the Budha's head, stoned on mahjoun. [Davy]

Banished from the gates of the heaven [Nader]

standing at the gates of hell [nomi]

Mystic yo-yo, cream from Devon [Barry]

Could not from Bombay further be [JH]

If you searched eternally [TG]

Into dark infinity [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, Stacy, P, TG, Davy, Joan, Nader, nomi, Barry, JH.
Poem finished: 3rd January 1999.