The Spoonbill Generator

Spray-on Orkney Sweater

In the winter's brutal smile [P]

Tree calls out to tree [Roland]

Along the woodland's fatal mile [P]

To black infinity [Roland]

In sombre single file [P]

They stand in wait for me [Roland]

But I can never intercede [TG]

Never plumb the pool [Roland]

To grasp the sacred weed [P]

Or drown th'unwritten rule [Roland]

For those who do not bleed [P]

In Fate's unhallowed school [Roland]

If the future's faltering stride [P]

Tramps our dreams to dust [Roland]

Though the chasm gapes wide [TG]

Too wide for those to leap who must [P]

We seek in vain to hide [Roland]

The gap we can't adjust [TG]

Contributors: P, Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 16th December 1998.