The Spoonbill Generator

My Bahnhof Godparent

Carve this thought upon the bark [P]

That sailed the wintry sea [(trad)]

The shot that's widest of the mark [P]

Insults the Guild of Three [Roland]

Extinguishes the vital spark [P]

That warms mine effigy. [Roland]

Etch this notion in the sun [P]

Whose shadows guild the plain [Roland]

On which the war was lately won [P]

And shall be fought again [Roland]

Avoid excessive mirth and fun [P]

As sponsored by the sane. [Roland]

Paint this mindscape on the moon [TG]

-like face of one who dreams [Roland]

Of aged balladeers who croon [TG]

Of sunken quinqueremes [Roland]

And send reminders to Colquhoun [TG]

To trounce her wily schemes [Roland]

Prepare! [P]

Mine oath [Roland]

I break! [P]

Beware! [TG]

For both [Roland]

Forsake [P]

Stand behind the Southern Cross [Roland]

And tell me it is true [P]

That he who does not give a toss [TG]

What half the world may do [Roland]

Will soon be overgrown with moss [P]

And beaten black and blue. [Roland]

Contributors: P, Roland TG.
Poem finished: 2nd December 1998.