The Spoonbill Generator

Shirley's Dancing Socks (or Ellen's)

Socks! My red socks, [Peter WRC]

Where on earth can they be?! [Stacy]

I simply must have them [TG]

Kaz a little name that means so much [Anon.]

Is called my psychological crutch. [Stacy]

Grace! My sweet Grace, [TG]

Where in heaven is it? [Stacy]

I really must tell them [TG]

Kaz a little tune that sounds so sweet, [Stacy]

Has overcome my stocking feet. [Kimberly]

Time! My lost time, [TG]

Why does it pass so fast? [Stacy]

I only just saw them [TG]

Kaz a little moon that lights the sky [Anon.]

Will wane and vanish by and by [TG]

Hope! My great hope [P]

Why does it rhyme with 'soap'? [The Agent Apsley]

I vainly rush inward [TG]

"bonking's" a sin word, [Stacy]

Kaz a little fun can lead to woe [TG]

(At least, my mother told me so) [P]

Christ! My sweet Christ, [TG]

Who has been stealing my brains? [P]

I must promptly exit! [Stacy]

Lest the vet sex it [The Agent Apsley]

Kaz a little spot that no-one sees [TG]

Unless they pay my monstrous fees [P]

Contributors: Peter WRC, Stacy, TG, Anon., Kimberly, P, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 30th September 1998.