The Spoonbill Generator

Theory Comes Later

One: a sponge, of medium girth [Roland]

Two: a mallet of medium worth [Stacy]

Three: a dungeon, medium dank [TG]

Four, a csoldier of honorable rank. [Stacy]

Five: the fate, of opium and gin [KD]

Six: one shy of all deadly sins, [Stacy]

Seven: the stars in Caesar's crown [TG]

Eight: the cost is going down [P]

Nine: a wren of Eastern song [TG]

Ten: a long-unrighted wrong [P]

Eleven: the freezing breeze chilling my nose [Kindred]

Twelve: a physically painful pose [P]

Contributors: Roland, Stacy, TG, KD, P, Kindred.
Poem finished: 7th August 1998.