The Spoonbill Generator

My funicular cutlets, redeemed

The Green Joy made the Queen wet with dew [Tron]

Her Yellow Walrus, her Pink Kangaroo [Loaf]

The Happy one-inch Elephants waltzed with the other two [Tron]

Causing orange newts to squeal, and fuscia cows to moo [cheezwizzard]

Much happiness was made in folding doors of old [Tron]

While the mouldering monkfish resiled from their prey [The Agent Apsley]

The happy-go-lucky troubadors grew so bold [resilient]

As darkling stormclouds wax upon the dawning of the day [TG]

The hullabaloo woke the King from his dreams [The Agent Apsley]

who immedately left the building looking for some fourteen-year olds [Tron]

Or else not [The Agent Apsley]

What [Loaf]

The elongated Avis repaired to his dim lair [Anon.]

with all the overcharges now going to the Judge [Q]

The happy toddler filled his cheeks with fudge [TG]

And spoke kindly if not sweetly to his bear. [The Agent Apsley]

Pterodactyls flew through the humming air with swimming grace [Tron]

The lesser and the greater conversing cheel by jowl [TG]

The Lawyer gave in with a smiling face [Tron]

And the monk sat wrappred in his cowl [TG]

Master of Ceremonies, wrote the Scribe [Ed]

In his book of nefarious lore [The Agent Apsley]

The chief of police turned down every bribe [TG]

And still they ask so much more [Snoopy]

Contributors: Tron, Loaf, cheezwizzard, The Agent Apsley, resilient, TG, Anon., Q, Ed, Snoopy.
Poem finished: 30th June 1998.