The Spoonbill Generator

Scouting for Mice

Stupidity, my carapace [Roland]

The bionic ant said to it's ghost [Tron]

Little reckoning on what it had in store [TG]

Or on the ramifications of its personal dialectic [The Agent Apsley]

Edification, elucidation, and clarification the ant retorted [The Attorney]

Without regard to the eternal ramifications of the aetherial [The Agent Apsley]

Portliness of its own composure; and by dint of such false triumphalist rhetoric [Roland]

But alas none of which prepares us for the sheer grandeur of [The Agent Apsley]

territorial reprisals based on a notion of value [Roland]

denying the square-root of minus one [The Agent Apsley]

achieving universal constants [Q]

In un-audited time [Roland]

Unrequited [The Attorney]

This spooky doctrine [Roland]

Will never be vouchsafed to us [TG]

Or to our multifarious young offspring [The Agent Apsley]

Suddenly the aravice of reason failed the learned monks [Tron]

Whose bookish melancholy diet foresees neither hope nor holiday [Roland]

Egg nor ransom in the empty aeons of space and time, indeed [The Agent Apsley]

Sheds no shadow on the lovelorn sward but its own [Roland]

Undying and yet shrinking from the light [TG]

Shining with unwithered love [Tron]

Undeterred [TG]

Contributors: Roland, Tron, TG, The Agent Apsley, The Attorney, Q.
Poem finished: 23rd June 1998.