The Spoonbill Generator

Sausages in Strangeness

A man in blackface wandered into the hall [Tron]

And lay on his back in confusion [Roland]

He wondered if the audience could stand to fall [Tron]

Or bear a bloody transfusion [The Agent Apsley]

All the while the Captain fought the stall [Tron]

Of a seagoing brand of confusion. [Stacy]

While all the confused penguins looked on in awe [Tron]

And reckoned with nuclear fusion [The Agent Apsley]

The Captain looked confused in the frightful pitch and yaw [Tron]

At least it was just an illusion [TG]

The actors stood onstage, while the Raven found his caw [Tron]

And pecked at an extrusion [TG]

The muscle-man was thinking with is hand upon his jaw [The Agent Apsley]

and the Intellectual wandered in confusion [Tron]

The shaman greeted jungle's dawn - his synapses raw [cheezwizzard]

and the animus stared in consternation at his protrusion [Tron]

Contributors: Tron, Roland, The Agent Apsley, Stacy, TG, cheezwizzard.
Poem finished: 8th June 1998.