The Spoonbill Generator

Marching with Redemption Balloons

Like spoons they lie, a front to back, [Stacy]

With weeping sighs, they part in the night [Ed]

Traitors lamenting, dying all in a stack [Anon.]

Like rats they mate, their hearts enmeshed [The Agent Apsley]

Black turbulent waters surround all flight [Ed]

As in the distance the herring threshed. [The Agent Apsley]

The quatrain lovers are all taken aback [Clovis Marca]

By the dismal failing of the light, [The Agent Apsley]

And many weeping faces change from white to black [Guido]

Like geese they flee, facing the South [The Agent Apsley]

Heading for what their hearts know is right [TG]

Rejoicing the jump from the heart to the mouth! [Ed]

Like it or not, here I am back [The Agent Apsley]

And the palmetto's go marching off to war! [Ed]

Like shapeless designers all facing the sack [TG]

Now super-heterodynes are sleeping in the skin! [Ed]

Wondering what all this noise is for [TG]

And when the restless aardvark will ever pack it in. [The Agent Apsley]

Now the satyr has turned into a nymph looking for a job [Tron]

Some bough or bark on which to gnaw [Loaf]

We all look for the holy hand-grenade to lob [Tron]

Now the poet lies in comfort on the couch of dreams [The Agent Apsley]

And the Skipper chuckles on the Sea of Fate [Tron]

While we all seek the perfect debate. [Stacy]

The Eternal Lawyer listened to all the bored screams [Tron]

And conjured with Pieces of Eight [The Agent Apsley]

which jumped up and ran right into concious streams [Tron]

The doctor has missed all the obvious clues [TG]

while the Judge searches everywhere for a Bailiff of the Law [Tron]

And the Great Detective sniffs a range of glues [TG]

Contributors: Stacy, Ed, Anon., The Agent Apsley, Clovis Marca, Guido, TG, Tron, Loaf.
Poem finished: 7th June 1998.