The Spoonbill Generator

Nine Beatles Glimpsing Salvation

There was, perhaps, a waving arm, [Stacy]

The light was tricky, fading into dusk [TG]

When all at one I felt a tusk [The Agent Apsley]

And wondered: Would it cause me harm? [JP]

And so I pondered, as one does, [The Agent Apsley]

Why the pedestrian plaint, "Just Because"! [Anon.]

Incarnadine hail did unrequitedly harm [Anon.]

My suit of tacky Illyrian musk; [The Agent Apsley]

Again I glimpsed the waving arm, [Stacy]

Perhaps upheld a fading rusk, [The Agent Apsley]

While running back to save my burnt barn! [The Rat]

Red-stained Druids turned off- white by my charms [The Warrior]

you are so nice to me [casper]

although you always leave me for the sea! [Ed]

And I, betimes, do visit all my farms [The Agent Apsley]

And so I wander, as one might [TG]

"What miscreant would ever give me harm?" [Ed]

Clouds of treacle blocked by upward climb [The Agent Apsley]

with unshaven hordes of bi-cameral angels [Ed]

And also artists favouring the skill of mime [The Agent Apsley]

While the General looks for a new manger [Ed]

and palm fronds greet the sky. [Stacy]

Alas, the albatross never knows why! [The Agent Apsley]

Locked in painful unthinking of an ancient curse [Daystar's Son]

Or muttering in the torrents of the sea [The Agent Apsley]

where the homeless refugees will all be finding it worse! [Ed]

But meanwhile we have currents in our tea [The Agent Apsley]

Now the Dragon comes to stick us all on spikes [Daystar's Son]

Like Vlad the impaler but not as nice, [Stacy]

And he sends all on these painful hikes! [Ed]

How all of this beats dining on lice! [The Agent Apsley]

How it beats signing one's name on rice! [TG]

The happy monsters all rejoiced at the end of time [Ed]

As they boarded their shiny and new salvation ark [The Agent Apsley]

While they helpless watched it crash into a wall of slime! [Guido]

And cried with one voice "Bugger this for a lark!" [TG]

Plus the orioles did meantion it with an extreme shine [Ed]

There was, no doubt, a waving arm [TG]

The light was hazy, shading into mist [The Agent Apsley]

The Warrior was carried, gently, into the cairn [Tron]

And laid to rest with pistols as he hissed [The Agent Apsley]

And the Spinster sighed, looking at her ruined barn [Tron]

Contributors: Stacy, TG, The Agent Apsley, JP, Anon., The Rat, The Warrior, casper, Ed, Daystar's Son, Guido, Tron.
Poem finished: 3rd June 1998.