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The "Don't Bother Me" Paradox

She came at dawn and slit my throat [P]

(Hey-ho, the muffin ride) [Roland]

She did not even leave a note! [P]

Such careless patricide! [Roland]

A shameless lack of pride [P]

Betrayed in what she wrote [Roland]

She cried, but could not hide a grin [TG]

(hey-ho, the muffin race) [Roland]

She did not even wipe her chin! [TG]

Such wanton lack of grace [Roland]

A shame to find such sin [TG]

Portrayed in such a face [Roland]

She left at dusk and slept awhile [TG]

(Hey ho, the muffin route) [Roland]

She did not even walk a mile [TG]

In slipper, shoe nor boot [Roland]

But stayed to emulate Canute [Bop]

A shameless lapse of style! [Roland]

Contributors: P, Roland, TG, Bop.
Poem finished: 2nd May 1998.