The Spoonbill Generator

Kate's Gruttock Impaler

In times of stress I like to scratch my foot [Bop]

In times of war I sit upon the fence [TG]

But never have I been known to bless a muffin [jg]

Nor smite a puffin [TG]

When once at sea I sought to ride the waves [The Agent Apsley]

Astride a crimson narwhal most immense [Roland]

And though I then thought its perfume quite appealing [The Agent Apsley]

I realized it was melancholy I was feeling, [Stacy ]

When in the hills, I like to take a hike [The Agent Apsley]

To make me less morose and more intense; [The Agent Apsley]

But when I chance upon the remnants of a stile [TG]

In fury then I charge at it and dash it in a pile [The Agent Apsley]

My God! the very maggots seem alive [Bop]

Or seemed so when I flushed them with incense [The Agent Apsley]

Against the will of God they strive, [Stacy]

But why should He not wish them thrive? [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: Bop, TG, jg, The Agent Apsley, Roland, Stacy.
Poem finished: 2nd May 1998.