The Spoonbill Generator

Inexpensive Shakespearian Blancmange

For Macbeth it were done quickly, [Stacy]

For Hamlet it wasn't to be [TG]

For Desdemona's blackamoore pal, [Stacy]

The Ides were the death of J.C. [TG]

Poor Duncan, he died quickly, [Stacy]

Unlike his brother the Pope [The Agent Apsley]

He choked on a wafer while gulping his wine, [Stacy]

Poor bugger, he just couldn't cope [TG]

The Bard would try to kill us all, [Stacy]

He'd slaughter every one - [The Agent Apsley]

He'd cram us full of sonnets and worse [TG]

Until he saw us fall. [Stacy]

A kick in the Coriolanus [TG]

Pleasure for pleasure I'll give [Bop]

If all our dreams were of midsummer's night [TG]

We shouldn't have left Tel-Aviv [jg]

A sonnet could soonest be mended [TG]

By giving it Timon to lisp [The Agent Apsley]

or straight to Othello-a serious fellow, [Stacy]

And not in the least a big wisp! [The Agent Apsley]

For why were the Windsor's wives merry? [TG]

And why did dear Oberon weep? [The Agent Apsley]

The chimpanzees' precis of Bacon [Bop]

Was fearfully ratty and cheap: [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: Stacy, TG, The Agent Apsley, Bop, jg.
Poem finished: 2nd May 1998.