The Spoonbill Generator

Alice's Adventures in the Improbability Pie

Alice threw the looking-glass [Roland]

Tried to feed her head, [Stacy]

Ambling through the shattered grass, [Kimber]

She wished we all were dead [Roland]

Alice broke the looking-glass [Stacy]

Into tiny shards [The Agent Apsley]

Things were at a pretty pass [Roland]

Until those words were said. [Stacy]

Alice wondered if the land [TG]

Could be turned to booze [Caged Nick]

She sampled and injested dirt, [Stacy]

And threw up in her shoes [TG]

She belched and wretched until she turned, [Stacy]

Into toffee paste [The Agent Apsley]

Roland threw the looking glass [Stacy]

In the dodo's face [TG]

Unaware of what a farce [jgivoni]

existed in the place [Stacy]

Or what the walrus spoke [The Agent Apsley]

Or why the oysters sang [TG]

Or why the walrus had to use, [Stacy]

Or why the doorbell rang [TG]

Alice contemplated prose [Linda McCartney]

But found it made her queasy [Bop]

She shook her head and curled her toes [TG]

Through rhymes somewhat sleazy [jgivoni]

Reflecting that, though life seemed easy [TG]

, Still the spotted tiger grows. [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, Stacy, Kimber, The Agent Apsley, TG, Caged Nick, jgivoni, Linda McCartney, Bop.
Poem finished: 24th April 1998.