The Spoonbill Generator

From Underneath Diana's Toast

Its stuns me, like it stuns us all [Roland]

To stare, as sequin'd snowflakes fall [Fat Freddy's Cat]

Into a flame of burning fire, [Stacy]

Akin to ashes, but yet higher: [The Agent Apsley]

And why? The cinders clog our throats [Roland]

The crystals melt and will not float, [Stacy]

And all around us forms decay [Roland]

Be mindful of our numbered days. [Stacy]

It irks me, but it irks not them [The Agent Apsley]

To see, full of life and vim, [Stacy]

The latest vicar crash his car [The Agent Apsley]

Inside a Paris tunnel deep, [Stacy]

This sharp derailment seems to jar [TG]

The media both near and far. [Stacy]

It shocked my mum, it shocked the queen, [Stacy]

It shocks the parish magazine: [The Agent Apsley]

It shocks the bull, it shocks the crow, [Stacy]

It shocks the folk who think they know [TG]

But yet the one who it shocks most, [Stacy]

Is she to whom we drink our toasts [TG]

It pains me and it pains my chum. [Stacy]

It pains me till my heart turns numb, [The Agent Apsley]

It pains my head and pains my toes, [Stacy]

It pains me where the heartache shows [TG]

But yet we stumble through our days, [Stacy]

Till all becomes a loathsome haze; [The Agent Apsley]

And when the blessed night descends [TG]

We're forced to meet untimely ends. [Stacy]

Contributors: Roland, Fat Freddy's Cat, Stacy, The Agent Apsley, TG.
Poem finished: 19th April 1998.