The Spoonbill Generator

Beyond Homespun

'It is with most intense regret [Roland]

That I must inform you all, [Stacy]

Of further possibilities [Roland]

That have arisen since we met [P]

Last evening, in the hall. [Roland]

The Albert one, that is, [Stacy]

For, as you know, I haven't yet [TG]

Completely figured out which one is his [Roland]

Or which of them we should recall. [The Agent Apsley]

Despite the claims my rival makes [Roland]

I must inform you still, [Stacy]

That, pending fresh utilities [Roland]

The bread that brother Billy bakes [Call me Ishmael]

Will fester in the mall; [The Agent Apsley]

The London one, that is, [Loaf]

But, as you know, I cannot say [Stacy]

One thing that's right: I'm in a tiz [Roland]

Speaking of fault, I think it's HIS! [Stacy]

'But, as I started to explain, [The Agent Apsley]

and I will tell you now, [Stacy]

The moral message must be plain [The Agent Apsley]

or else we won't know how... [Stacy]

And then we'll all be at a pass [TG]

and I'll feel like a total ass. [Stacy]

Contributors: Roland, Stacy, P, TG, The Agent Apsley, Call me Ishmael, Loaf.
Poem finished: 31st March 1998.