The Spoonbill Generator

Witness My Self-important Bitumen

When syrup happens to congeal [Jane]

You cannot force the stuff to spill, [Stacy]

And yet you try and try, until [TG]

Your deep dejection starts to heal [Roland]

When one into a void will stare [The Agent Apsley]

Imagining a world beyond [Roland]

And yet you try and try, to heal [Stacy]

A duck that drifts across the pond [Roland]

When searching for a dull vignette [Willy the Pimp]

And having failed to find one yet, [Stacy]

One fumbles for the old spinnet [The Agent Aspley]

And spins a melody right in it. [Stacy ]

It might not lure that duck ashore [Roland]

and may decrease your whole duck score, [Stacy]

Yet not a whit of this, we feel, [The Agent Apsley]

Due to our daily HAPPY pill. [Stacy]

Like custard made into a hat [The Agent Apsley]

(I like a soft one such as that) [Stacy]

When wearing it, you feel a bit [TG]

Unlike one wearing a hat that fits. [Stacy]

Contributors: Jane, Stacy, TG, Roland, The Agent Apsley, Willy the Pimp, The Agent Aspley.
Poem finished: 31st March 1998.