The Spoonbill Generator

Prayer Wheel Poker

Carpenter's, my only hope, [P]

He shall construct a trap, [Stacy]

For punctuation errors [Roland]

Or a map [P]

Underneath, till later on [Roland]

When the nails are sunk [The Agent Apsley]

In case of nightly terrors [Roland]

In my bunk [P]

Shibboleth, the sacred sloop [Roland]

The only place that's safe [P]

For soporific sailors [Roland]

or sad prolific waifs [Stacy]

Stalactite, the prison camp [Roland]

Vacation of my dreams, [Stacy]

My benzedrine inhalers [Roland]

My psychedelic schemes [Stacy]

Shalimar, the trumpet cracks [Roland]

The only sound that's heard, [Stacy]

The ceiling bursts, the paintwork lacks [The Agent Apsley]

It's really quite absurd! [Stacy]

Tubal-Cain, they madly roared [The Agent Apsley]

As I besought their pity [Roland]

Their earthly quakes, the pious snakes, [Stacy]

Bedimmed the Heavenly City [Roland]

Root canals, dispersed to all! [Stacy]

With Gondoliers for free! [Roland]

A tourist trip by steamer ship [P]

Cremona to Capri [Roland]

Carpenter is now long gone [P]

Where ships come home to die [(trad)]

And can no longer offer hope [P]

Nor sort out truth from lie [Roland]

Contributors: P, Stacy, Roland, The Agent Apsley, (trad).
Poem finished: 22nd March 1998.