The Spoonbill Generator

Zimmerman's Sour Grapes

My lamp-post charm, my seventh life [P]

My telegraphic nubile wife [The Agent Apsley]

My warehouse eyes, my Nubian gong [Roland]

My potent sense of right and wrong [P]

Take them every one, the sacred and profane [Roland]

And turn them into novels with some ungodly name. [Stacy]

Oh mynah-bird! Despondent chump! [Roland]

Oh, makes love in the garbage dump! [Stacy]

Obese and awkward, oversexed [Loaf]

One would say he's surely vex'd! [Stacy]

But take him, everyone, the callous and confused [Roland]

My winning grin, my talking cat, [Stacy]

My acrobatic necrobat [The Agent Apsley]

My eager plinth, my costive plight [Roland]

We could go at this all night! [Stacy]

But let us rather quibble in the bracken and the furze. [The Agent Apsley]

While midnight denizens get gyre and smirk [Kent]

We find that it's a loathsome quirk, [Stacy]

And less than half of what you liked was hers. [Roland]

So let us now proceed to disperse. [Stacy]

Contributors: P, The Agent Apsley, Roland, Stacy, Loaf, Kent.
Poem finished: 21st March 1998.