The Spoonbill Generator

Whiskers of Anonymity

Keep your vigil - face the facts [P]

No-one here likes tesseracts [Roland]

Know your limits: eat less cheese [P]

No-one here like OAPs [Roland]

Stretch the limit - be extreme [Stacy]

No-one here likes clotted cream [Roland]

Boil your head - be a dear [The Agent Apsley]

No one likes the taste of fear [P]

Stalk a monger-'til he sighs, [Stacy]

No-one like your alibis [Roland]

Eat a biscuit - on the moon [The Agent Apsley]

No-one here will be here soon [Roland]

Take my photo - don't be shy [P]

No-one likes you if you cry [Roland]

Try a smile - it isn't hard [P]

It sure beats eating porkback lard! [Stacy]

Quit the catwalk - stem the flow [Roland]

No-one needs that after-glo, [Stacy]

Claim your rebate: fill the forms [Roland]

Hold your breath, maintain the norm! [Stacy]

Imitate the rest of us! [Roland]

No-one needs that frilly fuss, [Stacy]

Be an angel - there's a sweet, [The Agent Apsley]

Scratch that place atop my feet. [Stacy]

Find some passion - with a fish? [The Agent Apsley]

No-one likes that limp hand grasp [Kent]

Mate with mongols and with tripe [Scully]

Let it all disintegrate ... [Roland]

Contributors: P, Roland, Stacy, The Agent Apsley, Kent, Scully.
Poem finished: 20th March 1998.