The Spoonbill Generator

Homer, Art Thou Heat and Lightness?

Before the dawn, the darkest hour [TG]

When no-one much takes photos [Roland]

Savve those who come from Kyoto's [TG]

darkest tower [Roland]

Was riven by a lightning flash [TG]

Before our hopeless mercy dash [Roland]

To find a source of untold cash [TG]

When much is in the balance [Roland]

Takes several diverse talents [TG]

And panache [Roland]

Much more than I could claim to own [P]

Despite my glimmering mobile 'phone [Roland]

From working man to hapless drone [TG]

of appetite Plebeian [Roland]

The task is Herculean [TG]

And I groan [Roland]

For while I chase my futile goal [TG]

The polymaths have reached the Pole [Roland]

Before I stake my living soul [TG]

In some ersatz casino [Roland]

I'll seek out the albino [TG]

Humming-mole [Roland]

And tell him where I hid the loot [TG]

That punctured my old parachute [Roland]

And then I'll don my living suit [TG]

And sacrifice my dinner [P]

To all the poor of Pinner [Roland]

For a hoot [P]

And as my story fades to grey [Roland]

I will gently slink away. [P]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 18th March 1998.