The Spoonbill Generator

Gossamer Binary Cheesburger

Perhaps it was something I said, [Stacy]

Perhaps 'twas the fish in your bed, [The Agent Apsley]

Perhaps it was sasafrass tea, [Stacy]

Perhaps 'twas the beast that's in me: [The Agent Apsley]

Perhaps I should get a new tongue [Roland]

Perhaps I should donate a lung [TG]

Perhaps it's a flaw in my knee [Roland]

Perhaps that's why I tumble, you see. [Stacy]

Perhaps it's 'cos Spring's in the air [TG]

Perhaps it's the loss of my hair [Roland]

Perhaps I'm mad I lost the game, [Ross Crate]

Perhaps I wish that I were lame. [The Agent Apsley]

Perhaps I should paint my toes [Kent]

Perhaps I should pick a new nose [TG]

Perhaps I should shoulder the load [The Agent Apsley]

Perhaps I should kiss a green toad! [Stacy]

Perhaps you might buy me a house... [The Agent Apsley]

Perhaps you might track down my louse? [Roland]

Perhaps, but I must ask my spouse! [Stacy]

Perhaps I ain't got no nous! [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: Stacy, The Agent Apsley, Roland, TG, Ross Crate, Kent.
Poem finished: 26th February 1998.