The Spoonbill Generator

The Moon Promises My Friend an Apricot

Bind me to a broken bench [Roland]

If I love thee not, [Stacy]

Lash me with a barbed fence [Kent]

'Til my nose runs hot [TG]

Break my bones with stones, my dear, [Stacy(HI!KENT!)]

As eunuchs do in Eritrea [Roland]

Take back thy jewel encrusted ring [KD]

If I love thee not, [Stacy]

Lace mine ale with poisons grim [Roland]

My love for you burns hot [Jeff]

Break my heart in two, my dear, [Stacy]

As eunuchs do in pubs round here [Roland]

Smash my horn and shred my Fleers [Kent(Yo cuz)]

If I love thee not [trad]

Rip my heart out from my chest, [Stacy]

And let my larynx rot [Roland]

Scoop out my eyes with spoon so sharp [kent]

As eunuchs kill the fatted carp [TG]

Castigate my caustic tongue [Roland]

With hot blood and corruption, [Stacy]

Sell, for scrap, mine iron lung [Roland]

- - - - Excuse this interruption [TG]

Lend me now your iron gun, [Stacy]

If I love thee not [KD]

End this life of pain and strife, [Stacy]

It matters not a jot! [Bop]

Napalm me, and my harem [Roland]

On my birthday in Muharram. [Simon]

Contributors: Roland, Stacy, Kent, TG, Stacy(HI!KENT!), KD, Jeff, Kent(Yo cuz), trad, kent, Bop, Simon.
Poem finished: 9th February 1998.