The Spoonbill Generator

Conical Catharsis

A parent who neglects the tasks [Roland]

In indolent rage rarely basks [The Agent Apsley]

Rarely succeeds in - [KD]

Dreary deeds [Roland]

An offspring who ignores the calls, [Stacy]

And runs away to music halls [Bop]

Scarcely expects to - [Roland]

Have soup [Stacy]

An agent who would bend the rules [Roland]

To thwart the plans of knaves and fools [P]

Barely allows us - [Roland]

Everything! Everything! Everything! Everything! [Steve Heller]

Amen! [Stacy]

Amen, dear sweet ladies, amen! [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, The Agent Apsley, KD, Stacy, Bop, P, Steve Heller.
Poem finished: 30th January 1998.