The Spoonbill Generator

Music, Unless...

While I was walking my dog on the moon [peter]

My walk had to end a little too soon, [Stacy]

When my pet was struck dead by a hurtling spoon [P]

Discharged by a rabid baboon [Loaf]

While I was feeding my budgie on Mars [P]

I tramped on a watch that once was my Pa's [Roland]

I regret that a tightly wound spring was the cause, [Stacy]

The kind that you find in guitars. [Bop]

While I was digging your grave on the sun [Roland]

While I was strumming my guitar on a star, [Stacy]

Alas, under the telling sun my deoderant failed. [Steve Heller]

An unsavory minstrel was spotted that day, [Stacy]

Alas, what a rhymeless display! [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: peter, Stacy, P, Loaf, Roland, Bop, Steve Heller, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 30th January 1998.